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What is a private office space? 

A private office space is an enclosed lockable office situated within our shared environment. You can find private office spaces in coworking offices, serviced offices and sublets which offers an ideal compromise between privacy and the reduced costs of a shared office.

What are the advantages of a private office space?

The greatest advantage of a private office space is that you retain the privacy and confidentiality that your business processes might require. It is also a great way to give your team a dedicated working environment and their own permanent workstations while generating a strong business identity and group morale. Private spaces within shared offices are unique because they offer these advantages while simultaneously benefitting from the community feel within the wider office and the reduced costs from sharing utilities, amenities and facilities like boardrooms and meeting rooms.

Why would I choose a private office space?

A private office space is right for you if you need or prefer privacy in your working environment, whether you’re handling confidential information or simply need more opportunity for team discussion or collaboration in your own space. They can also be a great option for businesses that operate with clients over the phone as you can be sure you’re not disrupting other workers. A private office space in a shared office is a fantastic cost-cutting alternative to a conventional lease of a private commercial office as you split overheads with other tenants and can rent on a short term basis with a deposit as small as one month’s rent.

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A private lockable office for a team or individual with internet and access to shared meeting rooms, facilities and common areas, paid for with one simple monthly bill.

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