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What is coworking space?

A coworking space is a workspace in an open plan environment which allows people from different businesses and industries to operate harmoniously alongside each other.

Coworking isn’t just about the physical layout of the office – it’s a sociable style of working that encourages collaboration and community between the businesses working in the same space. The increased human interaction saves small teams and individuals from becoming isolated and is known to stimulate creativity and boost happiness.

Coworking office spaces benefit from shared facilities such as meeting rooms, boardrooms and call booths plus vibrant communal areas such as kitchens and lounges to make the coworking office just as much about life as it is about work. Coworking offices are often designed to reflect a modern approach to work with relaxed styling and an overall mood that is more creative and less corporate than a conventional or serviced office.

What are the advantages of coworking spaces?

Coworking spaces are thought to both increase productivity and happiness simply because being around people is good for you. With the chance to speak to someone new at the Zo Caffe each day, you can create business connections and friendships that you wouldn’t otherwise have come across. It can be exactly what an entrepreneur or freelancer needs to get new prospects and motivation, and it creates an exciting environment that prevents small teams from getting bored during their workday. Coworking is great for HR as it brings new faces to the workplace and creates a thriving working atmosphere.

Another advantage of coworking is that it’s extremely flexible. You can start off with one desk space, rent another desk at a moment’s notice to have a remote colleague work alongside you or move into a private office if you recruit more team members – most coworking offices can easily configure spaces to find a solution that suits you. On top of this, coworking spaces can be rented month-to-month or on six to 12 month contracts, so you can try it out and commit to a longer lease if it suits you.

Our coworking offices are managed by our onsite team and are well-equipped with internet, furnishings, print/scan facilities, meeting rooms and videoconferencing access. There are dedicated staff and cleaners to take managing the office off your hands – renting coworking space is a hassle-free and simple way of working with heaps of business-boosting benefits.

Who uses coworking offices?

It’s a total myth that coworking is only for millennial entrepreneurs and tech start-ups. Although the flexibility and low cost makes it great for small businesses still finding their feet, there’s been a huge shift in the last couple of years and many large international businesses are famously taking up coworking space. In fact, 40 per cent of our enquiries about coworking now come from enterprise and corporate businesses. However, we would say that the vibe of coworking offices can be a little more relaxed in style – there’s an emphasis on creativity, communication and finding a work-life balance.

The price depends on the type of space you’re using within the coworking office. You could rent a dedicated desk, where you’re permanently set up at a desk in an open plan coworking area for the duration of your tenancy, or a cheaper option is hotdesking, where you bring your laptop and work from any spare desk in the open plan area each day. Some coworking offices also have private lockable offices – a more expensive option but one which allows you to benefit from the creative community without compromising on privacy.

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